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2017 Nanjing Wanda Mao Oriental Culture Theme Park Ceremony Opened

March 25, 2017, Nanjing Wanda Mao has held an Oriental culture theme park release ceremony that on a theme of “Oriental Charm, Prosperous Jinling”.

This grand ceremony combines archaic rhyme of Nanjing, Oriental culture and cutting-edge technology, which has presented the world a cultural feast. At the same time, the core amusement equipment of Nanjing Wanda Mao Theme Park, the advanced products of global entertainment technology-“Zijin Skywatch” was also officially presented to all over the world.


Nanjing Wanda Mao is a large-scale cultural tourism projects which has spent 15 billion RMB and built by Wanda Group in Xianlin, Nanjing. The total volume is 1.2 million square meters. It combines “culture, tourism, business, commerce, residential, sports” as a whole and covers indoor theme park, Wanda Plaza, outdoor walking street and others experience formats.

As the world’s only 24 hours Oriental Culture theme park, Nanjing Wanda Mao Theme Park aimed to show the Oriental Culture as the core, which is designed by the theme park design company KCC and its total construction area is 40,000 square meters. The Nanjing City flower – plum and Jiangsu Province intangible cultural heritage – Jinling folding fan and other characteristics of cultural elements has been integrated into the out appearance design of Wanda Mao theme park. The inner design of Wanda Mao Theme Park is based on ancient capital of Six Dynasties and integrated Nanjing brocade, Zheng He’s voyages in the Atlantic Ocean into the entertainment projects. The whole design of Nanjing Wanda Mao Theme Park fully embodies the Chinese classical culture.


Among them, as the core amusement ride of Nanjing Wanda Mao theme park, the “Zijin Skywatch” is designed based on the Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory and other elements. Combined with Virtual Reality technology, 3D holographic projection, program control lighting, 7D sound and other technical means, which not only can bring thrilling experience to tourists, but also vividly reproduce and restore the flourishing traditional Oriental Culture.

Many of large outdoor theme park in China are easily affected by the weather, while the Wanda Mao is the first indoor theme park in Nanjing, which is able to avoid the weather impacts, keep warm temperature indoor, so that tourists can come to play all year around.


According to reports, except various entertainment projects, there is also a 520 meters indoor commercial street that integrates multi-country architectural elements, which will make tourists feel “every time shopping is a experience of global travel.”

It is reported that Nanjing Wanda Mao Oriental Cultural Theme Park will be opened in June 2018 and it will become a new text travel coordinates of Nanjing metropolitan area for the world.

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