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2018 Hot Sale Giant Amusement UFO Flying Rides

Amusement flying UFO equipment is a big thrilling park ride. Its track shape looks like a curved moon with 24 passengers and it has exciting working operation. There a motorbike model can be installed in the medium or a UFO model is also ok to make it more attractive. Passengers sit around the big turntable and the turntable “runs” along with the track and also it can rotate 360 degrees itself. It has the sumptuous luxury appearance, reasonable structure and novel design. This amusement machine is very suitable for young people’s psychology because of its excitement and thrill.

About giant amusement flying saucer rides, its specification as followed:

Capacity: 24 seats

Space area: 7*22m

Height: 5m

Track length: 20m

Power: 22kw

Voltage: 380V

By Jinshan carnival rides