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4 Items Which Insure The Security Application of Amusement Equipment

With the development of amusement business, there are many accidents of amusement equipment which happened and arouse the attentions of related department and rectify.So there are 4 items which insure the security application of amusement equipment during the operation.

1.The quality of amusement equipment. The manufacturer must control the quality strictly and can’t cut corners for the material and craft. And after finishing the production, it must test many times to ensure the normal operation.

2.The installation and the test. Before the installation, the operator must do a good work for the foundation of the site and the construction of embedded parts according to the manufacturer demand. The safety of customers is the guarantee of profit. It is forbidden that don’t make the foundation of the site and the construction of embedded parts as required. Because when many amusement equipment are rotating, it is easy to have big centrifugal force. If don’t fix, it will have potential safety hazard and accident.

3.Daily maintenance and repair. It must have daily maintenance and repair during the operation regularly.When the equipment have the abnormal operation and noise, it must stop the equipment and check it. After eliminate the malfunction, it will continue to operation. The bearing of the equipment and the crutches which need to be added to the lubricating oil frequently must often be checked, and it should check the screw loose and fix daily.

 4.Local supervision departments should check and guide work. During the operation of amusement equipment, the local supervision departments should do a good work to ensure the equipment in the validity of inspection. And they should train the operator of equipment regularly to improve their ability of dealing with the sudden incident.

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