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6 Effective Ways of Amusement Park Staff Management

With the intensification of competition in the amusement market, the competition of talents has increasingly become the key to parks’ competition. The correct management of the park will also enable the park to retain talents on the one hand, to maximize its ability for the park, to create wealth for the park, and on the other hand to stimulate the infinite potential of the park staff to create benefits for the park. This article explores the effective ways of staff management in the park from the following aspects.

First, establish a sound performance evaluation mechanism

Performance appraisals mainly include subjective factor evaluation and objective factor evaluation. This performance appraisal method encourages management talents to take greater responsibility for assigned programs and their contribution to the park, and helps management talents to fully develop their talents and meet their self-fulfilling needs. The evaluation of objective factors means that employees in different positions have different work contents. Managers can conduct evaluations based on various objective factors, such as work quality, work indicator completion rate, attendance rate, etc., which is beneficial to the management of employees of the various departments.

Second, establish an incentive mechanism corresponding to the performance evaluation mechanism

The so-called incentive mechanism is that managers follow the rules of human behavior, and use more effective methods and means to maximize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of subordinates to ensure the realization of organizational goals. The park should develop a comprehensive incentive system, formulate a variety of incentive systems, and motivate talent from all aspects. The incentive mechanism includes: First, target incentives. Second, rewards and punishment incentives. Third, salary incentives. Fourth, participation incentives.

Third, rationally assign employee positions, do a good job in employee training, and optimize the staff structure of the park.

In terms of the allocation of employee positions, park managers should focus on their industry knowledge, business skills, professional skills, determine their positions from these aspects, and create the most effective team. At the same time, we must do a good job in training employees. On the one hand, cultivate employees’ recognition of the cultural concept of the park. Only when the thoughts of employees resonate with the cultural concept of the park will we maximize the mentality of employees hard working mentality to “take the park as home”. On the other hand, cultivate employees’ own business capabilities. In the high-tech modern society, only the park improve the staff’s own ability continuously can it enhance the ability of the entire park, thereby improve the competitiveness of the park in the modern market and provide a solid human resource for the stable development of the park.

Fourth, actively exert the subjective initiative of employees with a people-oriented attitude

Put the work of “people” at the top of the park management. Modern parks should put the “people-oriented” management thinking at the top of the park management work. The “people” in the park are dynamic and creative, and what the park needs to do is to maximize the employees’ ability to exert their own initiative and to exert their own creativity, so as to make employees have a sense of belonging to the park. When employees can view the park as their home, the honor and disgrace of the park will be regarded as their own honor and disgrace. In short they will be able to share with the park, work actively and the environment inside the park will be harmonious.

Fifth, pay attention to the mental health of employees

In the face of the pressure and psychological problems of employees, park managers must first change their concepts, fully recognize the impact of employees’ mental health problems on the park, and regard the psychological and personal problems of employees as the problem of a necessary component of the park itself. Managers should respect employees, be good at communication, try to meet the reasonable requirements of employees, motivate employees to work, eliminate negative emotions, make employees work easily and happily, and reduce the psychological burden. People-oriented management of respecting them, understanding them, and caring them will keep their professional pressure at a reasonable and appropriate level, so that employees can maintain an efficient, healthy, pleasant and high-spirited career status.

Six, be good at employing, and employ people without suspicion

The park should combine its own development pace with the design of human resources strategic plan for employees. When employing, the park must know the talents and help the employees to continuously exert their potential in their jobs. In this kind of planning, the park must pay full attention to the integration and penetration of the park’s culture and employees, guarantee the characteristics of the park management, and the binding force of organizational behavior. Knowing people’s will help you be good at employing, and exert its effects most effectively, so that the employees can develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and make the best use of their talents to make the most effective utility in the right post of duty.