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About Carnival Rides What Should Operators Pay Attention to ?

Chinese National Day is at the corner, and the children amusement park will peak again. And the safety of carnival rides is push into the forefront again.How to keep your children’s amusement park safe? Operators should note:

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Many safety problems of carnival rides are caused by operating irregularities, For example, the operators open the equipment before checking whether the passenger seat belts are fastened; the device itself is malfunctioning, but the operators do not examine fully before starting.Only operators attach importance to these situations and strictly enforce safety procedures, so that the safety accident rate can be minimized.

There are too much crowed at the amusement park.Congestion can exceed the load limit of carnival rides, which can easily lead to safety accidents.Therefore, the operators should pay attention to the number of players.

Operators should strictly check the quality of the carnival rides, and select amusement equipment manufacturer carefully and their material, The quality of amusement equipment is also one of the key factors for safety accidents.

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