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Advantages of the Mechanical Bull Rides

  1. Equipment investment is small

The total equipment price is low. Compared with other thousands of amusement equipment, the investment has little risk.

  1. The space requirements are simple

As long as there are more than ten square meters of space to operate. There is no high requirement for the venue, as long as it is flat. It has a wide usage of business, including shopping malls, plazas, playgrounds, theme parks, leisure places, farmyards, and township markets.

  1. The operation is simple

The power distribution cabinet configuration switch button, shift knob, emergency stop button, power indicator. Follow the instructions to operate easily and easily.

  1. High safety performance

The Mechanical Bull rides is equipped with a safety air cushion; there are two kinds of safety air cushions on the market: one is a sponge and the other is an inflatable air cushion. The sponge is low in price, but not durable, and the time is long and easy to change; the inflatable cushion is slightly more expensive, but it is durable and equipped with a special fan. The sensor is placed on the back of the cow. When the passenger falls, there will be induction, and the motor will stop immediately to ensure the safety of the personnel.

  1. More interesting

The equipment is equipped with car-specific speakers, the high matador music will stir up the atmosphere of the Spanish bullfighting, the cow’s movement before and after, up and down, left and right, rotating passengers must hold the rope tightly and have to The twisting and undulating grasps the center, and the longer it persists, the more it can satisfy the passengers’ desire to conquer.

  1. Very appealing

Inherit the hot atmosphere of the Spanish bullring, the simulation version of the bullfight with its high-spirited music, the scream of the passengers and the screams of the surrounding audiences complement each other, making your popularity soar, this is also a lot of businesses A point of interest when doing activities, publicity, gas gathering effect is excellent. It is very popular with businessmen.