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After-sales Service

  1. User’s Notes

1) Request users to keep technical documents such as equipment order contract, purchase voucher, qualification certificates, equipment use instructions and equipment quality certificates after handing over equipment and data.

  • Users should be equipped with mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel with a certain technical level, and shall be familiar with and comply with the provisions on installation, use, maintenance and safety in the instruction manual of the equipment.
  • According to the contract, the warranty period of the equipment is one year for mechanical port, 6 months for electrical ports, and the time is based on the official handover date of the equipment. If the equipment is damaged or malfunction caused by improper use and management, natural disasters and other force majeure , it does not fall within the scope of the warranty.

4) When the user needs to repair the equipment, please contact the manufacturer in time. When major or dangerous parts of equipment are repaired, professional qualified technicians must be sought to repair the equipment.

  1. Technical Services

1) On the premise of fully understanding the use and maintenance instructions, if there are incomprehensible or objections to the instructions or technical data, please communicate with the trainers or the manufacturers in time.

2) There are some difficult problems in the use of equipment. In order to solve the problems in time, please contact the manufacturer in time.

3) Provide users with long-term free technical consultation and guidance services to ensure the safe and good use of equipment.

  1. Service costs

1) Technical services and support will be provided free of charge for any needs of you.

2) Our factory maintains all the equipment during the warranty period free of charge if it is damaged or malfunctioned due to the design, manufacture and installation of the equipment itself. During the guarantee time, if the equipment is damaged due to improper management or force majeure (natural disasters, wars, etc.), we will charge reasonable cost for its maintenance and repair.

4) If the equipment exceeds the guarantee period, for the maintenance , management and material, we will charge reasonable fee.