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After-sales Service for Electric Track Train

We delivered a electric track train to Lebanon client, after clients receiving the train and assembling the train according to our installation manual, he found that the train starts moving back, so he was very anxious because his playground will be opened in 2 days.

According to his description, we judged that the problem is caroused by wrong connected wire end, so that we suggest client adjust the wire end location which connect the control box and track.

After adjusting the location of the wire end, the train work correctly.

All the amusement equipment will be tested for many times before delivery, only ensure it works well, then we can deliver. Under strict quality control system, clients will receive a perfect equipment.

But sometimes, some problems will be caused by shipment or wrong installation, in case of having problem, please take photos, video and describe the details, then we will help you solve the problem in the shortest time.

By Jinshan carnival rides