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Amusement Manufacturer Tell You How to Disinfect Children’s Amusement Equipment

Little kids like to nibble toys. So for their safety, we need to disinfect the toys, especially some plastic toys, they need disinfection very much, or it will directly result in disease of digestive tract. To different toys, we need different disinfect methods. Let me tell you the methods in detail at the view of amusement equipment manufacturer.

First, the plastic toys can be steeped by soap-suds, bleaching power, alcohol prep pad after they are diluted, and be washed by clean water half an hour later. Then use clean cloth wipe up or dry in the air.

Second, clothing toys can be washed by soap-suds, then be washed by clean water, and be exposured at the sun.

Third, wooden toys which are humidity-resistance, heat-resisting and fadeless can be steeped by soap-suds and then washed by clean water and at last dry at the sun.

Fourth, iron toy exposured at the sun for 6 hours can be sterilized totally.