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Amusement Park Marketing Needs To Catch Five Key Points!

If the development of the park will face the only unbreakable limit, it is the time of the consumer. Whether it is doing scene experiences or making emotional connections, the goal is to maximize the number of round-trip customers and the experience time of playing in the park, so as to create more consumption. In general, we should seize the following marketing points.

First, focus on “the amount of customers into the store”

The number of customers into the store is a prerequisite of the quality of sales. How to increase the number of customers? Focus on the following points:

1、Grasping the foundation: Including the renovation of storefronts and the creation of the atmosphere of the exhibition hall. The image of the sales clerk should be unified, the soliciting, welcoming, etc. should be initiative; these are the most basic but necessary conditions in a park. Only when these basic conditions are in place can we attract customers to our stores in the first place.

2、Do a good job in promotion: Nowadays the customer most concerned about promotional activities, we can make full use of the company’s favorable resources combined with mall holidays and other promotional activities, to make novel and effective promotional activities and thus to bring good popularity.

3、Do a good job of advertising: It is mainly promoted through the mall’s television, newspapers and outdoor community advertising.

4、Interaction with other stores: Our indoor children’s playground can combine with mothers and babies stores and kindergartens to mobilize customers each other on weekdays, thereby increasing the chance of customers’ visiting.


Second, focus on “customer consumption frequency”

There are two main points to increase customer spending frequency:

1、Hardware: This means that products must be scientifically combined, and strive to expand the consumption area, including the size of the styles, the image, the main products, the echelon preparation of promotional products, the richness of colors, functional combinations, and ancillary products.

2、Software: The guide and method of shopping guides.

Third, focus on “customer sales”

How to increase the customer’s purchase? It mainly takes the following measures:

1、Strengthen the sales skills of salespersons in stores, and use cross-selling strategies.

2、Increase the guarantee and reverse the risk.

3、Exhibition the venue skillfully, recommend equipments (projects) configuration program to promote consumption.

4、Promote discount coupon combine with rebate, sell with limited time and limited quantity, take different amounts, different discount promotion strategies.


Fourth, focus on “enhancement of park’s added value”

For the same device, there is a big difference between “pure play”, “teaching through fun” and “educational through fun” for parents and children. Teaching through fun not only improves the added value of the equipment but also brings more enjoyment to the customer, and increases the recognition of your brand at the same time.

How can we improve the added value of the park? It mainly takes four measures:

1、Arrangement of amusement equipment (items) should be in place. With a wealth of equipment (projects), after a scientific combination and configuration, it will lay an important foundation for increasing its added value.

2、Introduce learning culture.

3、Cut-over from value maximization and use cost minimization, persuade customers honesty and sincerity, making customers feel that it is worthy to spend the money.

4、Give solemn promises to customers to resolve their worries.


Fifth, focus on ” repeat business”

Grasping the repeat business and attracting new customers with old customers are also crucial. In this regard, the recommended practices are:

1、Improve the service quality of store clerks and establish a good service image to win customers.

2、Communicate with customers and let them refer other customers to extend customers and transaction frequency.

3、When new product launches, make concession of the samples’ discounts and promotions, to drive sales of related equipment.

4、Provide the VIP card so that customers can purchase multiple times while enjoying the discount.

Of course, to grasp the work of the above five major factors, the most important task is that the manager must establish a statistical record statements system, and do a good job of daily statistical records, conduct statistical analysis every day, every week and every month, so as to sum up experience , find out the problems, and seek the rules so as to adopt the good points, avoid weaknesses and improve sales.

By Jinshan carnival rides