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Amusement Park Promotion Needs to Understand these Things!

The purpose of the park’s promotion is to enhance the image and popularity of the park, or to increase the short-term turnover of a children’s play equipment in the park.


First, the concept of promotional activities


Any activity has its motivation and purpose.

①Wildly advertising purpose: to establish the visibility of the park and enhance the consumer brand image.

②Promotional purpose: immediately increase turnover and number of visitors.

③PR purposes: to build consumer trust and good impression, and indirectly increase performance.

④The purpose of large-scale activities: to increase the visibility of the chain park and increase the cognition degree  among consumers and peers.

⑤ Education society makes the public cognition achieve the effect of consensus.

The goals and objectives of any activity should be more clarified; Only when the target number reaches a certain number, can it be worthwhile to hold an event.

◎ Timeliness

①Any activity should be held according to the characteristics of its sales target in the most appropriate season, festival or important anniversary.

②According to the requirements of the object, activity content, input costs, possible benefits and other factors to determine the length of the event period.


①The method of holding any event should be fresh, original and attractive, so that there can be more incentives to attract customers, and the effect of the event can be improved.

② Keep an eye on the pulse and trend of the society, master the topic, and use the impact of event marketing to improve the effectiveness of the event.

◎ image

①Any activity must be based on the principle of “in good faith”.

②Any activity must start from the consumer’s position.

③Gifts or lottery which have already promised to be given to consumers should be guaranteed to be given out.

④Combined with social welfare, it helps to improve corporate image.

⑤A notary unit or notary person must be present.


Any activity must create maximum performance under both cost and economic constraints.

①Cost budget control

The cost budget for an activity is based on its increased gross profit > cost. The cost of public relations activities can be controlled by the company, its tangible/ intangible advantages and disadvantages can be considered as a whole.

②Economic scale

When the number of new chain systems is less than 10, the activities with high cost should be held less, and the activities of the whole region should also be held less. When the distribution area of ​​the chain stores is dense and the number reaches the economic scale, it is suitable to hold large-scale activities with more expenses, and the results will be obvious.

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Second, 10 promotion methods

1.Discount coupon

2.Refund voucher and gift certificate



5.Guessing riddles


7.Continue buying rewards

8.Value pack

9.Equipment of free play

10.Invitational card


Third, the attention point on the promotion plan

1.It is best to focus on one of the main goals (for example, in the case of unpurchased, the target should not be too scattered or blurred.

2.Consider the most effective promotion method with the main goal.

3.When evaluating the efficiency of various promotion methods, you must also consider the relationship between advertising and activities at the same time.

4.The object should be clear.

5.Estimate the target and cost effectiveness by numbers.

There are many kinds of promotion methods, but the most important thing is to cooperate with the promotion target. If the aim is not achieved, the promotion will lose its original meaning.