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Analysis about the Spare Parts of Large Amusement Equipment

As an operator of a park, it is an obligation to know the detailed information of each part of large amusement equipment. Here is the constituent parts for your reference.

happy swing

1. Basic part:Foundation, supportstructure, ground feet.

2. Support part: Pillars, beams and so on.

3. Drive part:Electricity, internal combustion engine, humanforce, etc.

4. Transmission part:consist of mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmissionand pneumatic transmission

5. Runningpart:Cabin of inside seats, wheel, turn hip, etc.

6. Operation part: Operating room, console, operating handle, etc.

7. Control part:Control devices, control procedures, etc.

8. Decorative parts:Appearance decoration, LED lights, etc.

9. Turntable part: Passenger platform, passenger ladder, etc.

10. Isolated part:Safety fence, transition fence, etc.

By Jinshan carnival rides