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Are Parks Important for Children?

American writer Richard Louv has came up with a phenomenon called nature-deficit disorder in his book The Last Child in the Woods, which refers to the most urban children are becoming increasingly alienated from the natural world, so that result in the increasing rate of children obesity, attention disorder and depression and lack the moral, aesthetic, emotional and intellectual development of the developing children. Nowadays, with the popularity of animation, games, mobile phones, etc., there are so many reasons that make children stay indoor, so their nature-deficit disorder may be further serious and also lack contact with their family and other children. If the nature-deficit disorder patients begin to go to park and other outdoor places to play, their symptoms of physical and mental disorders will be significantly reduced. Let the children dig holes, climb trees, swim across the river, cave adventure, climb mountains, catch small animals, etc., without special purpose and time limit, all these will help children fully mobilize their eyes, noses, ears, mouths and eyebrows. It can help children to focus attention and exercise their creativity in the process of contacting with the complex nature, and closer children’s life with nature, reestablish the connection between children and nature.

The parks generally refers to the city parks which with many natural scenes that the urban children rarely seen. Parents should often bring your children to play in the park, which is conducive to the development of the child’s physical and mental,so as to relieve the impact on children of nature-deficit disorder.

parks important for children

There usually with a playground in the park for people, and there are many playground equipments http://www.jscarnivalrides.com/.Such as Carousel http://www.jscarnivalrides.com/products/carousel


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Bungee Trampoline

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Inflatable Naughty Castle

And there are also water playground equipments in some parks.

happy children5

These playground equipments can increase the interaction between parents and children, and interaction between children of same age. You will realize the importance of the park to children when you see these smiling faces.

Besides the city parks, there are also many National Natural Park, for example, Lushan National Park  http://www.china-lushan.com/en/index.php

Lushan National Park

Tangwang River National Park

Tangwang River National Park

By visiting these parks, people can see many natural landscape that are more beautiful and unique, and also give children a better chance to broaden their horizons and learn the world.

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