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Attractive Samba Balloon

A new type of amusement equipment called the samba balloon has recently become a popular equipment for children.


Samba balloon, similar to the carousel, is a new type of flying amusement equipment.The samba balloons are rotated by the rotating plate above and the cockpit revolves around the center, while the cockpit can be manually controlled by passengers.The decorative sphere at the top of the cockpit is a chic hot air balloon shape.The samba balloons are generally divided into four arms, six arms, and eight arms, and the central axis and large arms are equipped with colored lights,which is more beautiful to turn on the lights at night.

The name of the amusement equipment is also quite in line with the interests of the children; then it is color, its appearance is chromatic; finally it is the group, children can play with their parents or other children.

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