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Basic Information of Bumper Car


  1. Integrated seamless FRP body, combined with unique shape design, more visual impact.
  2. Steering using steering wheel, using motor vehicle steering gear, performance is more reliable, and control is more flexible.
  3. The soft backrest design and the driving seat design make the ride more comfortable.
  4. Front and rear lamp system, the vision is more beautiful, bringing a touch of scenery to the beautiful night.

5.Using super wear-resistant polyester rubber wheel, the longest can guarantee the life of the wheel without replacement, significantly reducing the cost of use.

Site requirements:

There is no need to fix the site, the ground level with protection can be used.

Charging section (charging step)

(1) Turn off the main power switch of the battery bumper car before charging. Otherwise it may burn the circuit.

(2) Connect the charger output cable to the rear terminal of the battery bumper car (red is positive, black is negative), then turn on the power, and the power indicator light is on, charging begins.

(3) After the battery is fully charged, first disconnect the power cord and then disconnect the input line.