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Basic Introduction of Indoor Playground

Also known as the child castle. A new generation of children’s activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness and other functions formed by scientific three-dimensional combination. It can be said that it is a new and comprehensive children’s paradise. A natural design for children who like to drill, climb, slip, roll, sway, swing, jump, shake and other.

Indoor Playground can cultivate children’s independent personality, exercise, brain. It is characterized by randomness, no power, interaction and safety. It is not restricted by the venue (indoor only) or irregular. It can be installed and managed easily. No power equipment, easy to maintain. Indoor Playground materials are mostly engineering plastics, PVC, galvanized steel pipe racks, steel pipes, heavy gun sponges, etc. According to different material properties, the price of naughty castles of different schemes ranges from 300 yuan per square meter to thousand yuan per square meter.

No power means that Indoor Playground can operate without any power device, which saves operating costs invisibly, and also ensures the safety of the players is also a popular factor for buyers.