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Basic Problems That Purchase and Run Indoor Playground Should Be Noted

The indoor playground is becoming more and more popular. So what should people pay attention to when they buy indoor playground?

1.Find a good manufacturer. The product quality of good manufacturer is guaranteed.

2. The playground are specially designed for children, so it is necessary to make use of environmental protection materials, otherwise it will affect children’s physical and mental health.

3. Most of children’s amusement equipment are placed in public places for children to visit, so except for considering their applicability, people also need to consider whether it is convenient to deploy and retract.

4. Reasonable design and excellent process. Check whether the corners have been rounded and curved, and whether the appearance has a sharp point of spearhead.

The indoor playground is a favourite place for children, so people need to be well prepared to run it.

1. Calculate the cost. One is the cost of indoor playground ( It depends on the size of site and specific projects inside ), the other one is advertising cost );

2. The indoor playground differs greatly from the accessories. Too many accessories can cause a lot of problems in installation, so customers should pay more attention to installation and service life.

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