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Bungee Jumping Trampoline and Happy Swing

Bungee jumping trampoline is a very popular amusement entertainment product, and high safety, using the United States imports elastic cloth and seamless tube. It is very strong and durable. The installation is also very simple, shipped will be equipped with installation instructions. Bungee jumping trampoline can let the player to increase coordination of its own in the air, let the joints and muscles are unique tension, it has consideration and strong interest, regardless of people of all ages, everyone can bravely vacated a try. Easily for all kinds of flip in the air, enjoy flying fun, will be very free and transcendent feeling.

Jinshan Happy Swing is a kind of amusement rides which makes circular motion along the horizontal axis. When it starts to work passengers will swing together with it and enjoy happy time. Just like travelling in the space because the weightlessness feeling.
You can buy it for your family and enjoy the happy time with your family together, also can purchase it for your park. No matter which way, it must be a wise choice because our happy swing is deeply loved by ages. Jinshan designers can satisfy all your requirements.