Jinshan Carnival Rides and Playground Equipment


1.What are the size of the big,middle and small horse?

Size: 90cm        120cm       160cm      180cm      210cm

2.What are the themes of the top umbrella and stamina board ?

Top umbrella material: PVC,Fiberglass

Stamina board theme:snow white,frozen,European style(can be customized)

3.What’s the general height of the carousel? If I want to use it indoor,4.5m or 5m height,can I use it?

Underdriving:0.5+2.5(chassis-inner top)+1.2(inner top-height of gourd tip)=4.2m+gourd tip

Top drive:0.15+2.5+1.7m=4.35+gourd tip

If the height is limited, it can be made with flat top

4.Can it be made for 28/32/36 persons? How to distribute the sear for specific customizing?

Carousel can be divided in to 8 or 12 chassis, carousel above 16 seats generally made in 12 pieces chassis, we can remove the horse and change into a car for specific customizing.

5.The material of the chassis

old-plate:1mmm   Pattern -plate:2.5mm

Aluminum pattern plate:1.5mm  wooden:10mm

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