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Characteristics of Children Trackless Train for Sightseeing

1. Trackless train, as the characteristic vehicle, brings convenience to passengers in the tourist attraction, beach, shopping mall, pedestrian street, meanwhile, has also became an important tourism landscape.

2. In many scenic area, by trackless train people can reach different scenic spots conveniently and flexibly, so trackless train is an efficient tool in traffic accessibility in the scenic spots.

3. Our trackless train can be used in shopping malls, as well as rich and varied sightseeing routes along tourist attractions. Moving brings visitors a visual feast of gluttony.

4. Trackless train will be equipped with scenic sightseeing stations; these stations should have necessary tourist facilities, and a variety of tourism activities.

5. Trackless train can cooperate effectively with other means of transportation, organize the traffic of scenic spots, so that realize the seamless connection between the scenic spots.

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