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Children’s Favourite Amusement Equipment—Slide

When we were kids, we didn’t have a children slide, so we played on the slide by the front steps.Although the slide is not pretty, we also have fun. Now the slide is still popular among children, but what kind of slide is both good-looking and fun? Let me give you a brief introduction to our company’s slide.

outdoor slide playground equipment

Our children slide is designed for children who like to drill, climb and slide.The whole set of equipment usually includes door, bridge, slide, roof, staircase, platform, column, climbing stair, slide, climbing pipes, and rope nets.The slide is all connected with fastener, with no protruding sharp objects on the surface. Each component has several models and colors for customers to choose, and we can also customize and produce according to the needs of customers.Meanwhile, our slides also have the characteristics of high strength, anti-static, wear-resistance, sun-proof, anti-aging, anti-cracking and so on.

By Jinshan carnival rides