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Choose Children Indoor Playground Equipment with Good Quality and High Safety Factor

First, when selecting the children indoor playground, you must have a long-term considerations and choose one with good quality and high safety factor, which is the decisive factor in determining whether a children’s park can develop for a long time. Finding a regular manufacturer, and directly purchasing equipment, so that you can  have high-quality products and a professional installation and guaranteed after-sales maintenance services.

Second, the layout of children indoor equipment and site design also should be paid attention to. How to effectively use the leased space for each place is the standards to increase the utilization of site. How to design and layout to make every indoor equipment maximize the greatest revenue value. We require that all the style should be advancing with the times, and all the design need to meet the mentality of consumers. Continuous trial and practice, making us grow and develop aerospace equipment, so that we become the top developers’ choice of indoor equipment

Jinshan amusement equipment use glass fiber to form, and iron parts use advanced electrostatic spray paint with the traditional glass fiber natural cooling process forming products which have the characteristic of seamless connection, so our products have smooth surface, colorful appearance, and is not easy to fall off and so on. Especially for the metal parts structure, the fasteners and foot plate use aluminum alloy casting pressure forming; and after processing molding, remove rust, phosphating, surface treatment, and then baking with pure resin electrostatic powder.process  the rust, parkerising, surface treatment, and then use pure resin electrostatic powder. After the finished product, the paint film has a strong adhesion, bright color, not fade and not easy to remove paint.

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