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Classical Amusement Equipment -Pirate Ship

Pirate ship is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP),equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music,Non-fading and durable painting.

Whole designs in cartoon image and colorful  painting make kiddie  play merrily and enjoy great happiness.

The boat consists of a welded steel structure with decorative cladding and benches made of fibreglass reinforced plastics, allowing countless themes variants.

The children 1.1m tall accompanied by an adult being able to enjoy the experience. Those over 1.2m are able to ride alone.

With its outstanding visual impact and detailed decoration, it has become a popular landmark and major draw for visitors of all ages at numerous parks around the world.

The pirate ship is a ride for all the family with themes options, which makes it the ideal choice for riders of all ages.

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