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Classification and Structural Characteristics of Kids’ Amusement Equipment

1. Carousel: The cabins are installed on the rotary disk or supporting arms. The rides rotate round the vertical axle or slant axle, or they rotate round the vertical with the small swing.

2. Sliding car amusement equipment: the cars don’t have any power and just rely on the inertia to move along the track after being promoted to a certain height by the lifting appliance. Or the cars have the power and move in the big fluctuation. For example, sliding dragon, roller coaster, flying car and so on.

3. Gyroscope equipment: the cabins can rotate round the axle with dip angle, generally the main axle is installed on the big arm which can go up and down. For example: double flying.

4. Flying tower: suspension type hanging cabin rotary and lifting, The hanging cabin use the flexible parts to hang. For example: flying tower, jumping frog

5. Racing car : the racing cars run along with the assigned route. For example: racing cars, high speed racing cars.

6. Self-control plane: the cabins move up and down round the center axis. And all of them are installed on the rotating arms. For example: self-control plane, giant octopus, self-control shark, self-control bee rides and so on.

wacky worm roller coaster

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