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Classification of Large Amusement Equipment

Large amusement facilities are divided into A, B, C three levels. Highest-speed and highest-level amusement facilities are A-level, such as roller coasters, large ferris wheel, flying carpets, sounding shuttle, high altitude bungee jumping, trapeze and other equipment. Higher speed and higher-level amusement rides is B-level , like dragon slide roller coaster, merry go round, self-control plane, water slides and other equipment; general speed and high-level amusement facilities is C-Level, such as bumper cars, racing cars and other equipment. The specific classification of the table is below:

The first product of the amusement facilities shall be type tested, and the design documents shall be identified before the type test for Class A and Class B amusement rides. After the qualification, the prototype products shall be tested. The A, B and C amusement facilities shall be carried out after installation Acceptance test, and amusement facilities in use should be carried out regular inspection by periodic inspection cycle of 1 year. China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute is mainly responsible for the identification of amusement facilities design documents, type testing, acceptance inspection of A-class amusement facilities and the first B, C-class rides ; at the same time responsible for the A-class rides regularly inspection; Provincial-level recreational facilities inspection agency Approved by the AQSIQ is responsible for the province’s B, C-class rides on a regular basis.

ABC-Level three levels amusement equipment are to be included in the scope of supervision, there are responsible for the relevant departments that will force inspection and maintenance.

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