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Common Problems and Solutions for Investing in Children’s Playground

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1. Common problem: high investment cost and low real benefit; Solution: increase the high yield program.

2. Common problem: the proportion of low-revenue projects is significant, making investment cost is not cost-effective; Solution: re-plan the regional proportions.

3. Common problem: ignore project configuration and function areas; Solutions: use service desk, gift area, show stage and activity to conduct marketing.

4. Common problem: regional collocation is not reasonable; Solutions: the popular equipment and unpopular project are interspersed with each other to arrange the project properly.

The marketing of children’s playground has certain particularity, which mainly manifested in:  

1. The decision to spend on children’s playground is in the hands of parents, so the playground should not only win the children’s affection but also be recognized by the parents.

2. Children’s amusement projects have certain timeliness, and after a certain time, the children’s novelty will be reduced, so the operators need to find the project that can continue to attract children.  

3. The equipment in the playground are only suitable for children, making parents have no place to go and only watch their children vapidly, therefore, only increasing the projects for parents to play can operators extend children’s sojourn time

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