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Common Problems and Solutions of Surface Painting for Amusement Equipment

Every qualified amusement equipment has colorful bright painting when finishing production. It will be long-lasting if it is not damaged in the later period. However, it is only an ideal condition. Because many passengers will ride each day after the equipment starts to work. Not everyone loves your equipment, and rubs and scratches will usually occur. Of course, this is the common phenomenon and can be inevitable. That’s why you need to repair and maintain to keep the painting clean, tidy and smooth. Some detailed description for the common problems and related solutions about the painting are as above, and hopefully have some help to you.

It is water spots. It will stain the surface if you don’t clean for a long time. Then it is dust. If there is water or sweat, then this will cause some mud on the amusement equipment without cleaning. For these two cases, you need to remove the dirt in time to achieve a clean surface. Maybe some passengers smoke, and it will hurt the painting, and also there are some hard personal belongs for some passengers and it will damage equipment’s surface. For these two case, they will be more serious, and it will be difficult to repair. You need to use wet towel to wipe continuously to reduce the trace or paint again.

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