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Common Projects for Indoor Playground

In the recent years, kids indoor playground has won an extensive attention among personages of all circles. Children concerns the fun, parents emphasize its edutainment and safety, and operator pursues its profitability and expansibility. So as a manufacturer of indoor playground, it is necessary for us to introduce some related information about the indoor playground.

We will stress on the introduction of some common or necessary projects for indoor play area to inspire and guide some freshmen. In addition, it is divided into park type and open type, and the latter is the main current. Here we need to demonstrate them individually because of some different components.

Open type indoor playground is the featured product nowadays, it is the combination of electric toys and fairyland. The most common products are coconut tree, trampoline bed, sea ball pool, and single(double) slide. These components are prerequisite, and supported by octopus, animals rotary and water bed, etc.

But for park type indoor playground, usually it has small house, slides, ball pool, trampoline bed and platforms. Moreover, it has single-plank bridge and nets, etc. Among above items, platforms, trampoline bed, slides are indispensable.

In a word, it usually has coconut tree, trampoline bed, platform, ladder, slide and ball pool. Of course, we will provide our customers the best price with fullest details and instructions. This is our sincerity to cooperate.

By Jinshan carnival rides