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Current Situation of Amusement Market

  1. The changes of children’s age, number and construction: with the baby boom in 2001, excep for the increasing number of babies, the construction in each group is more balanced, which sets a messy foundation for breadth and depth development of children’s consumption market.
  2. The changes in children’s proportion of consumption expenditure. According to the survey of shopping arcade department, compared to 60s and 70s parents, the 80s and 90s parents are more willing to accompany with their children. According to a survey, over a half families parents are willing to accompany with their children over 4 hours each day. Thus we can see that current parents should not only give children pleasure in material, but pay more attention on mental and spiritual development. The propotion of children consumption in family expenditure in increasing year by year. From infant period to boyhood, the range of children consumption demand is samely continuing to increase.