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Daily Maintenance of Children’s Excavators

Now children excavators have become the main amusement toys for children. Today, we show you how to maintain and how to adjust the speed.

Maintenance method:

1.Avoid the rain, especially for avoidingshooting the heat dissipation hole of equipment with water guns on ;

2.Injection of hydraulic oil. If it is found that the power transmission of the hydraulic rod is delayed or abnormal, please check the hydraulic pressure.Children’s excavators are less demanding for hydraulic oil because of less friction and light weight,and ordinary hydraulic oil is no problem. The oil can be purchased at low price in the local hydraulic accessories shop.

3.The lubricating oil is added to the bottom gear wheel,and the shaft of bucket and arm should be injected lubrication oil according to the real situation.(butter).

Speed adjustment

The equipment has been debugged before leaving the factory, and the speed is moderate. If we need to carry out competitive activities and other activities, we can adjust the speed. Please refer to the following instructions.

1.Adjust the speed of the equipment, you can adjust the pressure valve above the hydraulic valve,clockwise rotation to increase pressure, counterclockwise to reduce the pressure.

2.To regulate the speed of a single action, you can adjust the speed control valve in the middle of the hydraulic valve, and in corresponding working indicator is every single action. The clockwise rotation reduces the pressure and the counterclockwise rotation increases the pressure. The amount of rotation depends on the need.

3.The device has 360 degrees of rotation and static two modes; 360 degree rotation speed, you can adjust the rotary speed controller knob to come true, clockwise rotation is to speed up, counterclockwise rotation is to slow down.

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