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Daily Maintenance of Disco Tagada

1. Equipment maintenance : the most prominent problem is that after the peak of the overload operation, the equipment is easy to be worn and overheated; andstatic electricity will lead to some fragile electronic components damage, resulting in the operation of the entire equipment reduce. Therefore, we need timely investigation and maintenance, dressing, and the prevention of hidden dangers, avoiding chain reaction, which will not bring greater losses.

2. Personnel professional training:  During the peak period, staffs are like bows and arrows with strings, spirits and bodies that are in constant tension and fatigue; Once the peak season is over, the staff will relax and their service awareness and quality will fall significantly in the off-season, thus affecting the profit of store. The operators should take preventive measures in advance and strengthen the training of staffs’work skills and improve their service awareness in the light of the coming season; at the same time, we will check and revise the factors that can influence safety to make preparations for the next peak season.

3. Maintenance and adjustment of the surrounding environment: adjustment of equipment, replacement of surrounding labels, maintenance and inspection of equipment, follow-up and consolidation of original cooperation merchants, and the search for new cooperative merchants.

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