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Daily Maintenance of Trackless Train

Routine inspections ( by the user ) before drive it or every time the train is used, the following checks must be performed weekly or before it used.

  1. Examine tire pressure and adjust to the recommended pressure value for tire manufacturing.
  2. Examine the tightness of the tire screws.
  3. Examine the tightness of all suspension nuts and screws.
  4. Examine whether the electrical connection of the cabins is normal.
  5. Examine that all lighting fixtures are correct.
  6. Examine the wear degree of all moving parts and replace them in time.
  7. Examine whether the locomotive connection with the cabins and whether the cabins is connected in place.
  8. monthly inspection (by the user) (all including cabins below) .
  9. Examine the degree of wear of the tension bushing (including the locomotive and the link bar).
  10. Examine whether the brake drum has cracks or abnormal wear.
  11. Examine whether the abnormal wear of the linker pin.
  12. Examine whether the brakes are normal.
  13. Lubricate the link bar and all parts to be lubricated.
  14. Annual maintenance: After use 6 months, it should be examined per month, so can ensure the train’s performance and train life.