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Daily Safety Checking for Luxury Carousel

Luxury carousel must do safety checking before daily working, and should do checking record. The testing should be operated no less than 2 times before starting business. After ensuring everything is working well, then business can be started. Importation checking as below:

  1. Checking whether each bolt loose or fall off.
  2. Observing if luxury carousel is deformed, cracked or damaged.
  3. Checking if motor switch sensitive and reliable.
  4. Checking if the horse pole’s action working well.
  5. Checking if there is an unusual smell or sound.
  6. Checking if the temperature rise of the motor is normal.
  7. Checking if the power cord loose or not, and the electrical indication is normal or not.
  8. Checking if the lubrication of the rolling roller bearing and the rolling bearing is good, the temperature rise is normal, and the wear condition is exceeded.
  9. Checking if the main welds are abnormal or not, such as cracks and slits.
  10. Checking if there is crack or damage to the joint bearing and shaft joint under the hanging rod shaft.