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Design Requirements for Amusement Equipment

Many aspects of a product need to be carefully considered for amusement products manufacturers when designing or producing, especially for safety.

Design requirements for amusement equipment are as followed:

1.The parts that could nip children’s hands and feet, arms and legs, and heads can not appear.

2.Carefully considering the buffer performance for kiddie rides and bumper cars.

3.It is not allowed to expose sharp subjects of metal parts, for example screws. Because maybe it will hurt children, and operators should cover exposed metallic parts.

4.It is required to choose the material in good performance, high quality and great durability.5.

5.It is needed to install a safety fence to avoid passengers falling for those products with fast speed.

Above is a brief introduction of attentions when designing requirements of amusement games. We are specialized in producing amusement park machines and rides, small amusement products and mechanical amusement equipment. Also we can customize the products at your requirements. So welcome to visit our factory.

By Jinshan carnival rides