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Difference between Upper Drive and Down Drive of Big Pendulum Ride

Many friends like to play big pendulum ride, but they don’t know big pendulum is divided into upper drive and down drive. Although it looks the same, but its working principle is totally different, so their price have a big difference.

Crazy circus ride

Upper drive of big pendulum ride, as one of the most thrilling amusement equipment, has its own unique charm. Upper transmission large pendulum means that the driving part is at the top, which means the motor is on the top and power is on the top, so the ride can make the big pendulum fully play its ability and the swing amplitude is very large(it can reach 100 degrees); at the same time, there is no much sense of shaking when running, because the power is on the top.

The transmission of down drive big pendulum ride is at thebottom, through the friction way to shake the big pendulum up. Although the swing range is not bigger than upper drive, but also can be close to 60 °. Its safety factor is much higher, and its stop ability is very good. It is suitable for the players who do not like too thrilling rides.

Either way, they have their own unique charm, and they are also wonderful rides.

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