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Differences between Luxury Carousel and Simple Amusement Carousel

Carousel is a popular amusement equipment in the parks. So how can we distinguish their good and bad? Here we will demonstrate it from the following two aspects.

Antique carousel ride for kids (1)

Firstly, it is appearance. Luxury carousel generally have beautiful fiberglass decorations and colorful LED lights. But for general amusement carousel, it only uses simple oxford cloth or PVC as umbrella-shape cover.

Secondly, it is transmission way that is divided into upper drive and under drive . Motors are on the top, and they drive horses to go up, down, right and left to make passengers have a feeling of riding a horse or dancing. That is why luxury carousel will be vivid and attractive for passengers.

Of course, it also has site limitation for luxury carousel rides because of too many decorations to make it difficult to move from one place to the other place and disassemble. So you can choose the suitable carousel according to your actual condition.

By Jinshan carnival rides