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Distinction between Operating Indoor and Outdoor Amusement Equipment

Generally , People always operate the amusement equipment indoor or outdoor .But what is the distinction between them ?

First, there are many different decisions on the site. The requirements for site is not different: indoors and outdoors, so the cost of rental site also is different. In the same area of economic consumption level, the indoor rent is relatively higher. What’s more ,Interior decoration need some money, and outdoor can save these expenses. Of course an indoor playground is not affected by the weather.Whether it is raining or freezing, indoor amusement equipment can be opened as usual. But outdoors is subject to these factors.Bee ride

Secondly, the choice of rides is different .Generally there are wild options of outdoor amusement equipment. The different size of amusement equipment all can be chosen, but the indoor amusement equipment has certain limitation, generally, medium amusement equipment and large amusement equipment are not suitable because they are too high and too wide.You can only choose small rides, children’s rides, naughty castles, and some themed rides, while the indoor amusement equipment is more attractive to the equipment.

Finally, the business philosophy of amusement equipment is different .General for indoor amusement equipment, commonly used marketing methods are like: different class of membership card or recharge , generally these can attract the stable customer group .It will form a fixed consumer group.But for outdoor , the operator always use one ticket to play one time , or sometimes have some discount for playing amusement equipment .The consumer group of outdoor equipment is not fixed compared with the indoor equipment.

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