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Do Management Work Well, Complete Amusement Park System

As a qualified even excellent amusement park manager, how shoulf you perfect youself and manage your park better?

  1. You need to have total planning ability.

Distinguished managers should have foresight, shouldn’t be short-sighted, only can see now and can not see to the future, they should also let staff know about company’s prospect. Thus, the manager will not get lost, especially when making great decisions and plans, integrating capacity is more improtant. Effectively utilize staff’s intelligence and existing resources, avoid human power waste.

  1. Great decision making capacity

Even it’s democratic nowadays, many things still need to be set store by overall interests, which needs amusement park decide independently, including job assignment, manpower coordination, staff dispute defusing, these all test the decision making capacity of amusement park manager.

  1. Operating capacity

Different to common amusement park operation, operation of amusement park is not an easy thing, which includes equipment’s updation, program’s plan, promotion’s plan, buiding of member record, collaboration and interaction, daily management, crisis answers and understing degree etc. When meeting special conditions, how will the children to deal with, advantage and disadvantage of these operating skills will directly affect park’s benefit.