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Do the Transformation Job Well Between Off and Peak Season, Make the Amusement Park’s Income Stable

Generally speaking, there will be an obvious difference between peak and off season of the amusement park. In peak season or some special days, vistor flow rate increases, the sales volume will also increase a lot. Compared to off season, attrition of amusement equipment, propagandizing and popularizing, coordination of staff all greatly increase workload and difficulties.

When bringing high benefit to children’s theme park, there exists safety hidden danger in many aspects, for example, after the overloaded operation in peak period, some electronic will be damaged because of wearing parts, dust, static electricity and overheating. Thus whole equipment’s operating efficience will decrease, so the equipment needs troubleshoot and maintenance in time so as to avoid  hidden danger and chain reaction and then result in bigger loss. As for staff, especially some new staff are like uptight bows in rush hours. They are too nervous and exhausted because of the work, once relaxed, the service awareness and quality in off season will decrease in varying degrees, which will affect store’s reputation and profit, even result in some unnecessary negative induced emotion.

As park’s operator, it’s important to understand taking precautions. In off season after peak season, take targeted program to strengthen staff’s training of working skills, correct staff’s service attitude, and summarize, improve, and welcome the next operating peak period.