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Dream of the Dragon Green Worm Pulley Amusement Euipment


      The roller coaster rides is a kind of track amusement equipment. With running on the track , cockpits can be turned up and down with the operation. Speed of operation accelerates as the music gradually quickens , the cockpit height also rises. It is the organic combination of entertainment and science. It is deeply welcomed and loved by the majority of tourists.

2、Structure Description

   The machine includes: 1. Drive device is equipped with vehicle motor, operated by control cabinet.         

3、Installation and commissioning

 (1)Before amusement machine is installed, users should check all parts and accessories according to the contents of the packing list.

 (2)Amusement machine must be installed on the geological hard and flat ground. The rails and fence should be fixed by bolts.

 (3)Connect all components well.

 (4) Check if the connecting bolts of the components of the main unit are secure.

 (5) Connect the input terminal of the host computer with the corresponding line number phase to the terminal block of the control cabinet.

 (6) The cable metal sheath and metal wire trough of the inbound terminal of the power source should be grounded, and connected with lightning protection devices .

 (7) Amusement machine low-voltage distribution system grounding type adapts TN-S system. To ensure personal and equipment safety, electrical equipment housing and non-charged metal structure must be reliably grounded. Low-voltage distribution system protection repeat grounding resistance is not greater than 10 ohms.


4、Operation and use

(1)  Do the inspection before opening the equipment, turn on the switch in turn.

(2)  Open the key switch, turn on electricity, when the indicator light of power is on,press alarm bell for 2s, the equipment will start to run. 

(3) When reach to the set time, the speaker will issue a 3 second stop beep, , the entire operation process will be over.

(4) When you need to stop the equipment, press the emergency button, the equipment will stop.

(5) When the equipment is temporarily stopped, you should cut off the power switch of control box, or pull out the power plugs.