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Earlier Stage Investment about Amusement Park(2)

The site selection of children’s amusement park rated in the vicinity of large shopping malls, shopping center, supermarkets, large communities, etc., to ensure enough popularity and standard passenger flow, popularity determines revenue. In addition to the popularity of shopping malls, the advantage of these locations also can use the design of shopping malls to upgrade the grade of the park. In such a prime location, the rent will not be cheap, and the rent, as the most important cost of entrepreneurs, should be controlled within some specific range of income to gain more profit.

The indoor space layout of children’s amusement park is a knowledge, do not blindly only know the accumulation of amusement equipment, according to the size of the site reasonable collocation, reserve a passage for each device and let tourists to watch, so as to attract more tourists’ interest to improve the profit. If we only blindly increase the equipment without reserved space, it will only give customers a feeling of chaos and congestion, affecting the ride experience. What we want to achieve is the effect of an industrial chain, combining the playability of all kinds of amusement equipment together scientifically and reasonably, so that children will fall in love with it from the moment they step into the park, and have a feeling of wanting more after they finish the whole park.