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Effective Measures for Cost Control of Amusement Equipment

The improvement of the quality of amusement equipment is a common goal, but how should the cost be controlled? It can be explained in three aspects:

First, the cost of the device itself

  1. Material cost: ◎ purchased parts ◎ standard parts ◎ non-standard parts
  2. Processing transfer cost: ◎ component number ◎component type ◎component shape ◎component size
  3. Process cost: ◎ processing technology ◎ transfer process ◎ debugging

Second, the maintenance cost

  1. Material cost;
  2. Time cost;
  3. Loss caused by the operation impact;

Third, the marginal cost, or other costs.

  1. Policy impact;
  2. Company strategy;
  3. Innovation costs;
  4. The quality of the technical staff;

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Briefly talk about a few of them:

◎ Material cost, the most expensive is not necessarily the best and the most appropriate; except for brand designation.

◎Processing cost, it can be said that the engineer’s concept and behavior habits directly affect the processing cost. In principle, the fewer the types and number of parts, the lower the cost; the less the parts of different shape, the lower the cost; and the cost will increase a lot if the parts exceed a certain size. The number large of parts, the complicated types, and the complicated shape will directly affect the assembly time and assembly process, which inevitably increases the assembly cost and maintenance cost.

◎ Processing technology, select a reasonable processing technology.

◎ Policy impact, such as the tightening of national policies, the new forensics of Class A large-scale amusement facilities will increase a lot of costs, so at the level of creativity, design, etc., we must consider whether we can evade new forensics and consider what costs the company needs to increase.

◎Quality of technical personnel refers to the design concept of the technicians, and the rationality of the design, such as directly connecting the safety type switch to the logic control.