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Emergency Measures of Trackless Train

  1、Motor is stopped:

If the motor stops running suddenly, it will affect the continued operation of the train. Please park your train in a safe place as soon as possible and note that the vehicle’s circuitry is faulty or the battery is low. If it is low, charge it. If the circuit is faulty, contact the manufacturer or find a professional to check and repair.

  2、Tire leak:
1) If the tire is found leak, firstly, inspect the following precautions to ensure the safety of the passengers before replacing the tires. Park the train on the side of the road or in a flat place to turn on the emergency light to inform the passengers of the reason, or send a train to pull the passengers to ensure that the passenger’s tour time is not affected.

2) After the train stops, pull the handbrake in time. In order to prevent the train from slipping when it is jacked up, it is necessary to block the wheels of the wheel to be replaced by the skid.

3) Remove the spare tire, jack and wheel nut wrench. Place the spare wheel on the underside of the body close to the jack so that the danger can be avoided when the jack slides out of its position.

4) After replacing the tires, slowly lower the jacks and then tighten the nuts alternately until they are tightened to the specified torque.