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Emergency Power Shutoff Brings Hidden Dangers to Children’s Amusement Park

At present, many parents like to bring children to indoor amusement park at weekends. However these amusement equipment are generally safe, but for children’s safety, we should make correspondence, take preventive measures, avoid dangerous matters happening. We should always be prepared to response to emergency power shutoff. Now let us see the dangers of emergency power shutoff:

First, when the children amusement equipment manufacturer is making the children’s indoor amusement equipment, they should take some power shutoff measures so as to make sure children’s safety in time.

Second, it is forbidden for amusement equipment to black out suddenly. Sudden poweroff will bring damage to electric motor of children’s indoor amusement equipment. what’s more, if some giant amusement equipment happen to suffer poweroff, passengers safety would be affected. Therefore, we hereby warn each operator that they should have a clear knowledge of amusement equipment operation about the voltage.

Third, the operators should know about the voltage of amusement equipment when they work normally, and virtual voltage when it operates. If happens to black out, just turn off the switch to avoid danger to passengers when there is a sudden electricity.