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Introduction of Energy Storm Rides

energy storm rides

Main technical data

1. Rotary speed: 3.5 rev / min (linear speed: 1.9 m / s)

2.  Capacity: 24

3. The maximum capacity of visitors per hour: 24×12=264 person/hour. (12 running circle per hour. 5 minutes per circle. 3 minutes for running and  2 minutes for waiting passengers coming in and out)

4.  Power consumption: 3N380V (three-phase five-wire system) 50Hz

5.  Electric power: 16KW

6.  Timing setting: 0 to 5 minutes

7.  Maximum distance from the ground during the operation:1.9 m

8.  Floor area: 15 meters * 15 meters


Working conditions and working environment of the equipment

1.The power supply voltage: 380V, 50HZ;

2. When the fluctuation range of the power supply voltage exceeds ±10% of the rated value, the operation should be suspended until it returns to normal;

3. The equipment should not be placed in the line channel of the high-voltage transmission and distribution frame;

4. When it encounters rain, snow, hail, fog and bad weather with wind speed greater than 10 m / s, it should be suspended;

5. The working environment of the equipment is: -10 °C ~ 38 °C, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, and the altitude is <2000M on the ground;

6. The safety distance from the surrounding obstacles is not less than 500mm;

7. The service life of the equipment is not less than 10 years (300 days per year, 8 hours per day).