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Family Roller Coaster

Family roller coaster is one of necessary amusement equipment in Theme park or professional amusement park. Comparing with big roller coaster, family roller coaster is not too stimulate, so it suit for widely customers range, and it is attractive for parent-child tourists. This type roller coaster has a higher water flow rate than a large roller coaster, and the profit is very good.

There are many family roller coaster design was welcomed by passengers, Among of them, the dragon design roller coaster, Worm design roller coaster, Pharaoh design roller coaster and Penguin design roller coaster produced by Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment Machinery Co.,Ltd are the representative design.

Family roller coaster is cheaper than large roller coaster, investment is more flexible, family roller coaster can be installed in big indoor playground center, the site also can be flexible choose. Welcome to contact us for more details.