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Five Amusement Park Market Plans to Help You Increase Park Popularity

  1. Publicity

It’s necessary for publicity in amusement park marketing. The investment in advertisement putting is large, the effect of handding out leaflets along the street and sending a blg in Microblog won’t be got instantly. So choosing novel and creative publicity method will just catch people’s eyes.

Suggestions: handing out balloons. First, kids like balloons, second, low cost means easy to operate. Print name, address information of amusement park on the balloons, hand them out to children at business flourishing zones. It will get good effects. Besides, set indicator at full position, lead customers to consume at the amusement park.

  1. Promotion

Promotion can gather popularity and bring considerable income source for amusement park.

Suggestions: at the beginning of the business, set some free zone, after the children playing at the free zone, they will be interested and promote consumption of other equipment. Promotions like tichet package, monthly ticket, these discounts plan will bring second time consumption.

  1. Activities

After the opening of the amusement park for several days, you need some activities to stimulate children and parents to consume.

Suggestions: you can hold some intellient and parents-child activities at weekend or different festivals. First, let parents know that going to amusement park doesn’t always mean playing, second, enhance the relationship between parents and children, make children’s amusement park the best place for parents to enjoy the happiness of family life.

  1. Management

Operating an amusement park need firstly keeping the park safe and clean, thus the parents will take children to consume.

Suggestions: it’s essential to do prophylactic repair and clean every day. Besides, you can also employ those who have preschool education experience to take charge of staff, which can not only build good amusement atmosphere, but also produce benign interaction and let children fall in love with your amusement park.

  1. Service

Parents hold the decision-making power of children’s consumption. The amusement park not only need win children’s favor, but also get parents’ recognition.

Suggestions: when playing, children and parents will get thirsty, the park can set rest zone, provide drinks, snacks, free Wifi, also can sell children’s toys, which can promote consumption and make larger profits.