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Four Suggestions for Choosing Suitable Equipment in Amusement Park

The question that most investors ask directly when they plan to open a amusement park is: how much does the children’s park invest?

To tell the truth, there is no practical reference to this question, it is difficult to answer this question. Because the size of the children’s playground, equipment configuration, decoration level, market competition format, long-term development considerations are not clear. So if you want an accurate quotation, you must be clear about your positioning and investment capabilities.

  First: Price

What kind of amusement equipment will be purchased for a project, the biggest factor should be the investment amount of the investor and the purchase budget of the amusement equipment. The equipment purchase budget determines that the theme park cannot do whatever it pleases. Therefore, due to the budget of the amusement equipment, the price factor of the equipment will be considered.

Second: Manufacturer

The amusement equipment is for people to experience and play. Now the developers generally have a strong sense of safety. Therefore, when purchasing amusement equipment, they will pay attention to the manufacturer brand. Under normal circumstances, the investor will investigate and select manufacturers through various channels before purchasing, and finally will cooperate with one or two manufacturers.

Generally speaking, one amusement rides manufacturer can not be “all-around”. Then the project investor can only choose the equipment he wants in the “equipment alternative list” provided by the selected amusement equipment manufacturer. To a certain extent, this limits the possibility of equipment selection. Maybe you can say that I can choose ten or eight manufacturers, buying a roller coaster from A, a large pendulum from B, and then buy a double-decker horse from C and buy other things from D. This is theoretically feasible, but few people will do it. Because first of all, there are a series of things after the equipment is purchased, such as transportation, installation and maintenance and so on, which will increase the cost of each item.

Third: Preferences of Decision Makers

The past experience of the decision makers, his knowledge and understanding for amusement equipment, and the preferences of the decision makers will affect their decision on the selection of amusement equipment more or less. Choosing a device, not selecting a device, or removing a device from a device purchase list, sometimes there may be no more reasons, just the perception of the decision maker.

Fourth: Project Positioning and Market

From a professional point of view, this should be the biggest or even decisive factor, but this factor is often ignored. The positioning of a park project determines the status of the park, whether it is a small local park, a large park for national tourists , or a park for a specific group ( such as children and adolescents aged 3-14). Different positioning determines what kind of amusement equipment to match.