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Four Summaries of Children’s Amusement Park Marketing Activities

  1. Member Marketing

Member rights and interests such as advance trial play and point exchange should be provided to promote members’ multitime consumption. Through the member platform, create the chance to contact with customers, attract a large amount of customers to us and cultivate loyal customers. Common indoor children’s amusement park will use membership system. Membership system is not simply to build a member library, send a membership card to consume points and enjoy member discount.

  1. Activity Marketing

Modern families emphasize on festival ceremony sense. According to the holidays and festivals, hold differnent characteristic activities. At weekend, hold some parent-child or educational themed activities. Regard amusement park as kids’ special holidays experience halls. Attract around popularity, improve consumers participation degree.

  1. Experience Marketing

Experience marketing emphasize on creating a kind of experience for participators and in turn arouse the unforgettable emotions or reaction of them. This memory and emotion usually will turn on brand and then build an active emotion contact. It provides win-win for marketing personnel and participant.

  1. Low Season and Peak Season Marketing

Children’s amusement park also has slack season and peak season. To children’s amusement park, holidays and festivals mean peak season. Daily vistor flow rate is low, so the discount and promotion can be used in slack season. Even the items which need money can be changed into enjoying with one ticket. You can also set to take a set of tickets, monthly tickets, multi – preferential deduction.