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Good Daily Maintenance is The Premise to Ensure The Safety of Amusement Equipment Operation.

Good daily maintenance is the premise to ensure the safety of amusement equipment operation. Generally speaking, there are four points as follow:

1.Check the safety device.

Check the safety device, for example, the safe belt, safe bar whether is effective. You’d better to check the safety device before running every day. If find some problem, you can deal with them in time and keep the equipment revolve long acting.

2.Check the circuit whether has the problem.

When the equipment stop revolving suddenly, generally because the equipment is too hot, or the load exceeds the limit of self protection. It is rare possible which is from mechanical and structural problems. Now you check the circuit firstly, when you insure the circuit is normal, then check the body of equipment. According to looking and smelling to feel the directly reason. Last restart it after removal of fault.

3.Check the appearance and the seats whether are dirty.

Your should note daily clear work. If the player find every part of equipment is dirty, they don’t choose to play them.

4.Check the whole body of equipment whether is good.

The whole equipment has suitable specification during design. So don’t use the outside force to change the equipment. Every kinds of amusement equipment should revolve in design range.


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